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We serve travelers with our collection of candid, guest-written hotel reviews. Since what we publish directly influences what travelers buy, as well as the fortunes of hotel companies, we're principled. Here are the five rules that govern our review process:

1. A valid opinion comes from someone who actually spent the night in the hotel. Just touring through the lobby or attending a function isn't enough.

2. We don't use opinions by hospitality industry professionals, including travel editors, hotel employees, and travel agents. While these people can have good insights and experience, their conflicts of interest often eclipse what they have to offer us.

3. We don't publish summaries on chains as a whole. Hospitality is a location-by- location matter, so we don't generalize.

4. We ignore opinions whose writer's principal purpose is to vent. Excessive giddiness, or gratuitous profanity, meets with our suspicion. We take seriously opinions that are thoughtful, specific, and sincere.

5. We don't allow advertisers to affect our summary writing process. We do accept advertising from hotels, travel agencies, and airlines.

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