Depot Inn & Suites

.1245 North Brown Street
.LaPlata, Missouri 63549 United States                

Received from a 57 year old male traveler from Long Beach, CA on Thursday, January 15, 2009:
"Depot Inn, La Plata Missouri - Everyone likes trains and this place is as well done as some museums with its railroad theme - articfacts, pictures, and historical information artfully displayed throughtout. All the while it is also a GREAT hotel, even without any of this. It is COMFORTABLE, COZY, FRIENDLY with a great surprise awaiting many guests in the indoor swimming pool! Rooms are roomy, clean as can be, and very tastefully done. The hotel is as first class as any family hotel I have ever seen. The lobby is a place you will want to be, by the fireplace reading a book, getting your family together, or just relaxing. It's roomy, very tasteful and of course full of great railroad items! "

Received from a 56 year old male traveler from Atlanta, MO on Tuesday, January 13, 2009:
"Depot Inn & Suites; La Plata, MO - The Depot Inn & Suites located in La Plata, Mo is a gem. I would highly recommend the motel anytime to any one travelling in Northeast Missouri particularly in the La Plata-Kirksville area. Outstanding...the service is excellent and the Rail theme is suberb. You won't regret it."

Received from a 52 year old female traveler from Huntington Beach, CA on Tuesday, January 13, 2009:
"Depot Inn and Suites - Mother and I had the pleasure at staying at the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, MO. We loved the rail theme and the great service from the staff. "

Received from a 59 year old female traveler from Brockville Ontario, Canada on Monday, January 12, 2009:
"Depot Inn & Suites - I had a terrific five day four night stay at this wonderful inn in LaPlata MO. A friend recommended the Inn when she knew I was looking for a respectable safe place to stay with my ten year old granddaughter on a sort of mini-holiday. We were picked up at the train station by the Inns shuttle service and transported directly to the Inn. First impressions were very favorable, and the front desk staff went out of their way to be most helpful. Everything about the place was first rate, the rooms were very clean and tastefully decorated, and the beds were so comfortable. They did not have a restaurant on site, but next door was a great place to eat, and again, the staff were very nice. "

Received from a 27 year old male traveler from Los Angeles on Monday, January 12, 2009:
"Depot Inn and Suites is Top Notch! - The Depot Inn an Suites is definately one of the best hotels I have stayed at. The craftmanship of the hotel is beautiful and gives the hotel an authentic feel. The staff treats you with such great hospitality you may never want to leave. The hotel is train themed. If you are a train enthusiast, your stay will be a memorable one. "

Received from a 25 year old male traveler from Los Angeles on Monday, January 12, 2009:
"Depot Inn and Suites - I stayed at the Depot Inn And Suites for million mile train event, and I had a very pleasant stay. Very comfortable and affordable. "

Received from a female traveler on Sunday, 08-Jul-07:
"The Depot Inn & Suites in LaPlata, MO - I loved the decor, the cleanliness, and the comfortable bed. I hated Having my Reservation Messed Up. To explain: Some of the quilters had arranged privately with the Inn, to check in a day early. When I arrived after dark on Tuesday evening I was told that they did not have a room for me as the entire place was full, and I was also told that there were no other motels anywhere nearby. I knew the name of the person who had taken my reservation but that did not help. One of the other attendees fortunately shared her bed with me or I would have probably slept in my car. I hated the Disappointment. To explain: Our group of 40 quilters entered into an agreement with the management for exclusivity at the Inn for the duration of our quilt retreat, and instead, outsiders were allowed to check-in. With 10's of thousands of dollars worth of sewing machines and quilts in the lobby, not to mention digital and video cameras, cell phones, fabric, sewing tools, and purses and cash, it was obviously disconcerting to have strangers wandering through. (We have photos of people checking in and walking around.) I hated the Rudeness of the Owner and Employees. To explain: The owner met with three of the retreat organizers and showed up with a defensive, "I dare you" attitude, spoke down to us as though we were stupid, challenged our statements, indicating he thought we were liars, and offered NO solutions or apologies. Some of the weekend employees not only were not at all friendly, but actually were seen by witnesses making fun of and mocking some of the quilters behind their backs. Not one employee said goodbye to me or thanked me for our business. (I need to say here, however, that two of them were just GREAT!) I hated that we were Taken Advantage Of and Placed at Risk. To explain: I was a little alarmed when I saw two people with cameras wanting to talk to us. Someone from the Inn had apparently invited a local newspaper in to take pictures for an article without our consent. Published photos of a quilt destined for a National or International quilt show would have caused that quilt to be ineligible for competition. Also, the Inn was apparently listed as a site in the town-wide garage sale. When folks off the street came in and asked us about it, we told them it was in error, but they still rifled through our things. (We actually took photos of them doing so.) Not only was a long-awaited, fun, relaxing retreat turned into a disappointing, stressful, and worrisome situation, but it could all have been avoided if we had been told ahead of time that the owner would not honor our original agreement."

Received from a female traveler on Friday, 06-Jul-07:
"The Depot Inn and Suites in LaPlata, MO - I am another quilter who was so looking forward to our annual get together. Unfortunately the Depot Inn and Suites did not live up to our expectations. While the rooms were nice the staff was not. Except for two of them they were rude. Odd that housekeeping would be rude when we gave them little work to do while we were in attendance. As long as extra towels and things were set out for us we got them for ourselves and also brought out our used ones, so they did not even have to enter our rooms. Management did NOT hold up their end of our contract in which we were to have full and exclusive use of the inn and its amenities. Despite this contract they allowed other customers to rent rooms which meant all of our quilts (some of which are priceless heirlooms) expensive equipment and other items were out for anyone to look, see, touch, etc. Management also took it upon itself to invite the public in to see what we were up to, which was to be a private gathering. I would not stay at this place again, nor would I recommend it to anyone."

Received from a female traveler on Thursday, 05-Jul-07:
"Depot Inn & Suites, La Plata, MO - The Owners and current Manager of The Depot Inn and Suites have proved that. A word given is not a word to be taken seriously. In a necessary meeting the Coordinators of the Retreat in the Middle ’07 requested with the above-mentioned people, much was learned about their commitment to integrity, honesty and respect not to mention what they originally called a contract. We had a contract that was signed a year ago with the management that gave us exclusive occupancy. Imagine our surprise to find folks checking in during our stay! The Depot's response was that the signed paper and verbal commitment was not a contract and they were not bound by it. Hence opening the Depot to the general public. Before I add to what has already been stated, I do want to mention that had we been told we weren’t going to have the Inn exclusively, as promised, 2 weeks or even 2 days prior to the 1st day of the retreat, we would have had the option to seek out and negotiate with other local hotels such as the Comfort Inn or Days Inn who offer larger conference rooms that can be secured. After all, the owners and manager told us we didn’t really have a contract, so we would have been free to do that. I asked the Manager if the person manning the front desk during the night would be at the desk 100% of the time as tens of thousands of dollars of sewing machines, equipment and quilts (some priceless, some irreplaceable antiques) would be vulnerable to theft by other hotel guests. She assured me, one of the Coordinators, in the presence of the owners, that indeed the desk clerk would be watching with out so much as a bathroom break. Really? Not even to use the bathroom? Imagine my surprise to find the desk attendant going in and out of the laundry room checking on hotel laundry that she’d been assigned to do. This laundry room was around the corner and down the hall from the desk. Her duties also included cleaning the bathroom, also out of sight of the front desk. When I mentioned this to the Manager the next day, she nodded agreeing that indeed those were the duties of the night desk person. What happened to her word? What happened to her reassurance? We would have appreciated an honest answer in the 1st place. Imagine this Coordinator’s surprise when aerobics classes were being held in the pool (the room adjacent to, accessible to and viewable from the lobby where the retreat was held) during times other than the Manager’s word that the only time classes would be held would be very early in the morning, again leaving RiM property vulnerable. Why was this information withheld? And what about the folks using a different door to access the pool, as promised, instead of wandering and perusing through our retreat? Again, what about the truth? I am the Coordinator who intercepted newspaper photographers the Depot owners asked to come in for a photo shoot one afternoon. I felt bad for them. They were only doing a job they’d been asked to do but they were doing it for someone who never asked our permission to have our private retreat documented for their gain. Why did the owners not ask our permission? And once those photos where taken, how many public venues would we find them splashed across? Of course the photographers were not the only ones I intercepted at the front door. I became the designated greeter for the Depot as I was constantly spending time stationed there deterring garage sale folks who had learned via their itineraries that there were quilts to see, newspaper photographers asked to come by the Depot, the general public who ’d been told we’d be available for a tour from 2PM to 4PM and the list goes on. And of course this does not include hotel patrons who had reservations they weren’t supposed to have who wanted to wander and look. Perhaps the Depot would like a bill for my services? The Coordinators asked the manager if we could make her housekeeping staff’s job easier by placing towels, soaps, toilet paper, etc out in a designated area for the ladies to serve themselves. We would gladly deposit our soiled towels in bins and replenish our own rooms. Seemingly very happy with our offer, she established a location. Imagine our surprise when after beginning our 2nd day, there were still none of the above-mentioned items available for our ladies. Because the manager had shown the Coordinators where to find these items, we stocked the area ourselves. Would now be a good time to mention the heavy mildew on my roommate’s and my shower curtain? A beautiful train themed Thank You Quilt was made prior to RiM, complete with the name of the hotel and it’s location pieced into the border, with the signatures of all attendees added to it upon their arrival. It was to be presented to the owners and manager on Friday evening thanking them for making us feel so welcome and cared for. That quilt was never presented and is now in the hands of a charitable organization. While the facilities are very nice sans the bathroom mildew, The Depot Inn and Suites was a disappointment. And you can be sure that my family’s yearly trip to the Kirksville area will be with out frequenting this hotel. Our 5th Annual RiM will be next year. Due to previous bookings, last year’s RiM hosts could not accommodate us this year, hence the need for a brief stop over somewhere else. The day before our retreat this year, the hostess called one of our coordinators to wish us well this year, let us know she was thinking about us and misses us and to tell us she cannot wait for RiM 08 to have us back. How contrary to the Depot owner who told one of our Coordinators that he could not wait for us to leave………. "

Received from a female traveler on Friday, 29-Jun-07:
"Depot Inn and Suites, LaPlata MO - I am one of 40 quilters from around the country who attended the RIM (Retreat in the Middle) June 13-17. Our organizers were promised in 2006 the entire hotel would be at our disposal and that no other guests would be there, thus enabling us to leave our rooms unlocked, quilts displayed, and sewing machines unattended. This unfortunately was not the case! The owners decided to capitalize on our being there and invited the public to come and see what we were doing, including putting the information in the local paper. No one in our group was asked if that would be acceptable. In addition, a number of the rooms were rented to other guests even though that was not supposed to occur. We tried to keep the staff workload to a minimum but, except for two of them, the staff acted as though we were a huge inconvenience! The rooms were clean and comfortable but the lobby, which we were assured would accomodate us all, our expensive sewing gear, and our priceless quilts was cramped and uncomfortably warm and humid. I looked forward to being able to recommend your hotel to family and friends but, in good conscience, I cannot do that. I would hope that in the future ownership would honor their contracts something they failed to do this time. We will not be staying at Depot Inn and Suites in the future."

Received from a female traveler on Friday, 29-Jun-07:
"Depot Inn & Suites, La Plata, MO - I wanted to express my extreme disappointment with the above-mentioned Inn. On June 13, 2007 our annual quilting retreat took place. It is an event we look forward to all year long. It is suppose to be a gathering of friends who travel long and far to be together in fellowship and love. Imagine our surprise upon arrival that our agreement was not to be honored by the owner and management of the establishment. They went against every thing that they had promised us in the original agreement. This was very disheartening to many of us who had traveled across the country with great expense and time to get there. While the Inn was clean and very interesting, the same cannot be said for its staff. I found the housekeeping staff to be very rude, and dirty in their appearance. On one occasion they had family members/boyfriends in the rooms with them while doing their job. There were thousands of dollars worth of quilts, quilting supplies, sewing machines and other essential tools that were placed at great risk due to the owners inviting the public to come in and see what we were doing. I was even asked by one lady who came in if any of us would be willing to sell the quilts we were making or that we brought along. I politely told her that no, none of the items were for sale. These are just a few of many disturbing incidences that happened while on our stay at the Inn. Overall, I would give this establishment a very poor grade for their handling of the situation. I would not under any circumstance recommend the Depot Inn & Suites to any one I know."

Received from a traveler on Thursday, 28-Jun-07:
"Depot Inn and Suites, LLC, LaPlata, MO - The manager and owner made promises prior to my arrival that they could not keep. I felt insecure during my stay, and I felt as if I had to keep a constant eye on my belongings. I was not able to enjoy the pool nor visit the surrounding area for fear my expensive equipment may not be there when I returned. Some motel employees were obnoxious and rude and acted as if they had a chip on their shoulder because I voiced my concerns. Unfortunately, I had booked a reservation for 4 night and moving to another motel was not an option. If you are looking for a safe, relaxing vacation accommodation, this is not the place!"

Received from a female traveler on Thursday, 28-Jun-07:
"The Depot Inn & Suites in LaPlata, MO - The Depot Inn & Suites in LaPlata, MO has left a bitter taste in the mouths of about 40 woman who "under contract" held a quilt retreat there. The Inn is very beautiful and clean, but management did not follow through with their contract with us to a tee. They exploited us. We had several thousand $$$ of machines, quilting supplies and quilts on display for ourselves, but he invited the newspaper to come without our permission, put us on the list for a city wide garage sale,but worse yet, rented out the few remaining rooms in the Inn. All this put our belongings in jeopardy where strangers were allowed to come in, see what we had, touch our quilts (a no-no in the quilt world), help themselves to our "swap room", help themselves to our food that we had set up in a meeting room for ourselves. We are from all over the US, California to Virginia and I am sure there is not one of us who will give this Inn a rave review. We were treated poorly by most of the management and that is too bad since he could have had wonderful reviews from all over with some of planning on trips to the area with our families. Don't think that will happen now and we certainly won't hold another retreat there again. "

Received from a traveler on Thursday, 28-Jun-07:
"Depot Inn and Suites, La Plata, Missouri - First I want to say that the Depot Inn is a beautiful facility. The rooms are comfortable and the appearance of the Inn is clean and definitely interesting. I personally had a very unfortunate experience with the Depot Inn. I am one of 3 coordinators of an annual private quilt retreat for 40 women who come in from all over the United States. On July 20, 2006, when the Inn was a struggling new business I signed a “contract” with the manager (at that time) of the Inn to host our 4th annual retreat to be held June 13-17 2007. During this time our business was welcome and looked like a gold mine. Two weeks prior to our scheduled retreat the new manager of the Inn started emailing me questioning the occupancy expectations of our group. After a phone conversation discussing my original agreement with the Inn, which was to commit to a minimum of 20 rooms to secure the Inn exclusively for the retreat, the manager assured me that they would honor that agreement. Because this came up so close to the time of the retreat I asked for a meeting with the manager and the owner to avoid any surprises since I had 40 people, traveling to Missouri from coast to coast, depending on me for this event. The manager was quick to respond with assurance, the owner was too busy to be available. Two days before the first day of our gathering one of the other coordinators and I met with the manager and went over everything, including comparing what was given to me to sign the year before as a “contract.” At this point everything was set and agreed on. We met with housekeeping to help keep things simple for them, yet accommodating for the attendees. We made things easier for them as far as moving furniture out to convert the lobby to meet our needs. On the first day, as the retreat members started gathering, we also noticed people we didn’t know checking in. We asked for a meeting with the owner, who showed up immediately. He was opening up the Inn to the public regardless of what my agreement was with the previous manager or current manager. He was giving public access to a room set up with over $60,000 of machines, supplies & materials that we had been assured would be private. He was opening up to the public access to thousands of dollars worth of quilts that would be on display. When I mentioned the contract, he refused to acknowledge it as a contract and held it up in my face and in so many words called me a liar and refused to allow me to call in the previous manager. We lost our privacy and security as was assured to us. Needless to say, with the public wandering through our retreat we had 4 days of stress and anxiousness as a group. Someone even invited the newspaper in to take pictures with out the consent of the women. And someone did a public invitation between 2 & 4 pm on the 3rd day to come through and see what we were doing, without the consent of the women. We have pictures of people wandering throughout our retreat at all times of the day and night. With the exception of Harold and Sally, who were the only positive and pleasant part of making us feel comfortable and welcome, the rest of the staff was cold and wouldn’t have anything to do with us. On two occasions staff members were caught making fun of us and mocking us. On the day of checkout not one person said goodbye to us. Not one person thanked us for the $7500 that the retreat paid to be there. Even though the manager was there helping with housekeeping, she avoided us as completely as possible. After reading all the great reviews for the Inn, it’s obvious that they’re much more accommodating to travelers and construction workers and prospective financial investors. It’s unfortunate that the owner and the manager sacrificed their integrity for deceit and profit. "

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